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Katowice, ul. Chorzowska 108

Gliwice, ul. Chorzowska 44b

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KPDA has just opened its branch in Gliwice in order to improve the comfort of customer service in Gliwice and Zabrze. Our offices are in convenient locations ensuring comfortable access and parking space. Irrespectively of the fact whether you are from Katowice, Gliwice, Warsaw or Gdańsk, contact with KPDA will always be easy and comfortable.


Our company is now located in the office building at 108 Chorzowska Street. Thanks to the location in the centre of Katowice, we ensure convenient access to out customers who are able to park their cars at the car park located in the office building.

Location in Gliwice at 44b Chorzowska Street ensures a convenient access, without traffic jams from the national road n. 88, i.e. fast communication route between Zabrze and other cities in the region.

Accounting firm in Katowice

40-101 Katowice
ul. Chorzowska 108
tel. 32 757 38 10
fax 32 757 38 14
mobile: +48 697531811


tel. (32) 445 36 63

Department of Actuarial Analyses

tel. 32 757 38 10

Accounting firm in Gliwice

44-100 Gliwice
ul. Chorzowska 44b