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In our opinion accounting firm’s customer satisfaction is essentially driven by efficient communication and information share.

No matter how far is the accounting firm from the customer’s office our accounting services are always close to.

In KPDA you are able to view the results of our accountants’ work at any time. We use Strateo on-line management support applications that are used by our customers as well.

It is not only about showing you the results of our work through the Internet browser but also giving you an effective data interpretation tool assisting you in the decision-taking process.

Our reports solve real problems, e.g.:

lost invoice or the same thing paid twice. These are problems that may occur in every company, but in KPDA you may regularly receive a report indicating such questionable accounts, e.g. on a weekly basis. Now, no such matters escape your attention.

recover VAT and take advantage of tax relief for bad debts. Do not miss the possibility to recover VAT on outstanding invoices, overdue for over 2 years. KPDA and Strateo application monitors your receivables on an on-going basis for the possibility to issue a reminder in order to recover VAT for unpaid invoices.

you have many debtors and constantly have to carry out some debt collection activities. We provide you with a tool for collecting and ordering all information on pending cases and problems in one place. Systems of events and tags allow you to order and search the settlements.

Online accounting

Examples of Management Panel for professional controlling applications. Each KPDA’s customer may be granted access to its company information through an internet browser.

Panel Zarządczy KPDA

You are also able to adjust your Management Panel to your own needs thanks to the possibility of defining your own view and content.

Panel Controllingowy KPDA


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