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We have personnel and technical capabilities to handle huge accountancy projects such as organising and maintaining financial and accountancy departments in wholesale stores, hospitals or extensive production companies.

„(...) Reliably performed work, professional service, as well as openness and involvement have a positive impact on our cooperation.”

KPDA oferta usług księgowych


We serve more than a hundred different companies and we are able to adjust our offer to individual customer’s needs.

dd Newly established companies

We assist in company registration and handling all formalities in authorities, provide tax and personnel counselling. Contact us for our offer “Przyjazny Start” (Friendly Beginning) directed to all newly established companies.

Small and medium companies from Katowice and Silesia province

They are our core customers as for them KPDA’ accounting services are the most optimal solution. Convenient location of our office in the centre of Katowice ensures easy access. Reporting and controlling provide all management information that may be retrieved from accountancy, and dedicated accountant will ensure comfort of cooperation. If you look for accountancy services in Katowice or its neighbourhood – KPDA accounting firm is your best decision.

Companies from other regions

Thanks to the possibility of sending documents by post mail or courier mail we are able to service companies from the whole Poland. All necessary reports and information will be provided to you on-line or by phone. Even verifying activities and inspections of the Fiscal Office can be now taken care of without personal contact. The distance is not of such importance as it used to be, thus companies located in Warsaw willingly take advantage thereof, obtaining higher accountancy standard at significantly better price.

Foreign capital companies

We provide accounting services to foreign capital companies from many countries: Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, and Canada... We perfectly understand the needs of foreign owners who want to keep control over the finances of their companies; therefore, we have prepared a special offer for foreign capital companies.

Large companies, capital groups

Some of our customers are really large companies, reaching revenue of hundreds million Polish zlotys a year and employing hundreds of employees. In fact, large demanding companies take the most of the KPDA’s service. Professional service, experience, safety, high professional liability insurance coverage, dedicated team of accountants and optimal, fixed cost of service is what counts most here.

Companies subject to IAS and IFRS

If your company’s accountancy is to be IFRS compliant, the best solution is to entrust it with KPDA’s specialists. We serve companies listed on regulated markets, companies subject to consolidation and performing consolidation by itself, branches and subsidiaries of foreign corporations. We use IFRS in all these entities as well as we prepare reports in accordance with local regulations and settlements for tax purposes.

Companies that do not know what their accountancy situation is

There is sometimes a case that an accountant leaves a company with a lot of unfinished issues left. It happens that books are transferred from one accounting firm to another and, finally, nobody knows what is therein. It also happens that fiscal inspection founds many mistakes and it sometimes happens that despite all the efforts the management is not able to obtain any reasonable information from the accountancy records. If something like it happened also to you that means it is high time to start cooperation with KPDA.