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Customers who can compare services provided by KPDA and other accounting firms have no doubts – KPDA is the best accounting firm in the region.

So, if we are so good why our insurance policy cover amounts to more than million zlotys, and additionally we have a third party insurance policy with regard to HR and payroll documentation we keep. That is because we know so much about taxes and we know the tax-related risk and we treat these subjects humbly. We also do not take shortcuts which may be straighter and easier but less advantageous for the finances of our customers. We also do not treat insurance policy as the only warranty of safety as we are aware that the most important is our constantly updated knowledge and long-term experience.


Having your safety in mind we decided to conclude with PZU S.A. a third party liability insurance for accounting firms with insurance cover of over one million zlotys even though we have never had to pay compensations. This insurance is intended for comfort and safety of our customers.

We are licensed tax representative which is an evidence of the highest trust of fiscal authorities. This title is granted to companies of indisputable accountancy and tax qualifications only.

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