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We provide a range of various financial, legal and accounting services, providing our customers with comprehensive service.

Apart from accounting services we offer a range of additional services which do not list all the opportunities of cooperation with KPDA. Rich offer is our advantage.

Handling HR and payroll documentation – comprehensive HR and payroll service

Actuarial analysis, valuations of provisions for employee benefits

Financial and accounting handling of projects financed from EU funds

Audits of EU funds’ application

Tax counselling and optimisation of fiscal strategy

Establishment and registration of companies

Other services

In our opinion, innovative, human capital-based companies do not need assistance in HR and payroll handling only, but most of all – in creating a comprehensive HR policy.

Handling HR and payroll documentation by KPDA – comprehensive HR and payroll service:

Issuing payroll documentation

Payroll service consists of preparation of payrolls, employees’ pay slips and employment registers.
Issuing tax statements for personal income tax payer (PIT-4R advances statements, PIT8AR, PIT-11 advances statement)..
Issuing application and settlement statements for insured to ZUS (Social Insurance Company).
Providing the Customer with information on all matters related to payroll documentation kept. Representing the Customer before ZUS.


Issuing HR documentation

Keeping employees’ personal files.
Issuing work contracts and civil law contracts, HR orders and statements, holiday registers, absence lists and records of working hours.
Keeping documentation related to benefits, on-going communications with ZUS related to employees, issuing necessary certificates to employees and preparation of regulations and holiday schemes (if the entity decides to prepare ones).
Health and safety (BHP) regulations handling not requiring specialised qualifications, consisting of keeping BHP file, notifying employees on trainings and mandatory check-ups, keeping necessary registers, incl. BHP training register, employee check-ups register and accident register.
Providing the Customer with information on all matters related to payroll documentation kept.


Optimisation of employment and remuneration methods

Social insurance contributions and taxes constitute significant strain on both, the companies and their employees. Employer may take advantage of such legal forms of employment that allow reduction of burdens imposed on the company and employee. We advice how an employer may select more convenient and more cost effective forms of contracts with employees, not infringing the law and not exposing oneself to sanctions imposed by regulatory authorities. We assist in e.g. taking decision whether to create the Company Fund of Social Benefits, as effective management of this fund allows reduction of tax and insurance burdens when combined with some forms of employees’ remuneration.

The above mentioned and other HR and payroll decisions can be taken with the assistance of experienced KPDA’s experts. In case we provide you HR and payroll services, all counselling is included in price.