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Eastern Europe is a region of vast possibilities for foreign companies wanting to expand and develop their business activity.

Choosing Poland as a country where new business shall be undertaken is the best chance to avoid paying high taxes and reducing the risk resulting from fluctuations of global economy.

Due to territory division of company and its owners it is crucial to be aware of financial condition of investment in Poland. That is why a permanent supervision shall be exercised over all areas of the activities of the subsidiary, investment, etc.

firmy z kapitałem zagranicznym

Foreign capital

KPDA Ltd has great experience gained through many year by its leaders - statutory auditors and certified accountants. Our objective is to cooperate with competitive companies having strong market position. That is why we quarantee to our clients a professional approach in all areas.

To fulfil the expectations of foreign investors who would like to conduct business activity in Poland we offer following services:

Communications improvements

Our workers are able to communicate with clients using English and German languages. Our offer includes also translating business texts into English, what additionally confirmes our competences.

Improved system of reporting and informing

We prepare different reports in the manner in which our clients shell direct with any frequency. Moreover, we send our own specifications with financial datas which are supervised by our financial analyst

Tax advisory

We provide foreign company with complete information on issues relating to tax effects of financial operations for subsidiary in Poland. We advice how to avoid incurring additional tax costs while financing a company in Poland.

Flexibility in supplying services

Our offer exeeds typical book-keeping and HR services. We are prepared for conducting the company’s administrative affairs, keeping settlements, preparing bank transfers, providing legal assistance while preparing contracts and verifying financial reliability of companies.

Highly qualified experts

Our accountants keep books of account in accordance with binding provisions of law, especially International Accounting Standards and principles of accounting in capital group. We are able to keep accounts using integrated clients software, prepare financial statements according to client’s standards and language.

While rendering services to our clients very often we have direct contact with foreign managers and board of directors. We always try to exeed our duties following from signed agreement to meet our client’s needs and expectations. Especially when we have appropriate knowledge and experience.

Our main goal is to establish a reputation so that our foreign business partners have certainty as to our reliability.