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The basic task of KPDA as an accounting firm is to provide correct and clear information on its Customers’ financial standing.

Our mission is to have a full, functional and useful knowledge that allows taking right business decisions. Therefore, we have combined accounting books perfectly kept by KPDA with the best on-line controlling system.


For long-term successful business operations, a constant analysis of company’s results is necessary. That is why every Board of Directors shall use the financial analysis tools adjusted to specific business and own management style.

In pursue to meet the IT needs of our customers, we have implemented innovative service of on-line access to accounting data. Using the internet browser you are able to access your financial data and evaluate the entity’s operations. Our tools are excellent company’s management accountancy support.

The controlling functions of the application must be also mentioned here. It allows monitoring the financial and material standing of the company at any time and any place. It is a perfect tool not only for the management but also for supervisory boards and owners. Thanks to the functions of cost and revenue budgeting you may receive information on a degree to which the intended plan was performed in controlled entities.

KPDA – settlement control system

Any time you need you are able to access on-line application managing your settlements. You will obtain a full picture of receivables and liabilities records organised according to customers and periods of outstanding payments. You may even know what an amount of delay interest for each invoice is - all in one clear report.
That is, however, not all. For everyone who wants to have an extended control over the company’s finances we have prepared an extended management panel, where absolutely all information on your receivables and liabilities will be placed. You may monitor changes in receivables’ structure, in subsequent months, verify their ratings and estimate risk for you company.

Our system prompts you which receivables are potentially uncollectable, thus, enable you to take adequate steps in advance. Naturally, you will also have full details of what will be the receipts and withdrawals coming from receivables and liabilities in subsequent weeks.
Thanks to the above cash flow planning and forecasting possible demand for external crediting will be much easier.

The whole reporting system would be, however, useless if accounting standards implemented by us did not pay so much attention to correct accounting of settlements with customers. We know that on-going control of receivables and liabilities records is important not only for our customers but also for us, as it gives us the confidence that the accounting records are correct.