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KPDA sp. z o.o. does not operate alone in the financial services market. Jointly with our Partners we aim at providing our customers a comprehensive and satisfactory service.






Lex–Fin sp. z o.o. is a leading auditing company in our region. Reputation and experience built for more than 20 years of company existence makes Lex-Fin the auditor which is engaged by the largest companies in the region and companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

KPDA i Lex-Fin are owner-related companies, which gives them the opportunity to cooperate for numerous projects. While keeping the accounting books, apart from own control mechanisms, KPDA often uses audits carried out by Lex-Fin’s experts.


New technologies and management

KPDA Foundation for accountancy development,whose statutory goal is the implementation of the concept of IT accountancy development that supports the company management process. The Foundation is executing a range of projects, some of which are financed from EU funds as a part of the Innovative Economy programme. Flagship project of the Foundation is an on-line platform for financial analysis, forecasting and budgeting. Thanks to KPDA Foundation’s project for accountancy development, the accountancy departments will be able to operate more efficiently and managers of entities will receive tools assisting in management process. is a portal supporting the process of settlement management, KPDA cooperates with. Nowadays, it is hardly possible to consider company development without taking advantage of the opportunities provided for by state-of-the-art technology and IT solutions. We perfectly know how important fast and efficient information flow in companies is, especially when it concerns receivables and liabilities data. Thanks to the cooperation with strateo portal our customers have immediate access to information on their settlements and many management supporting tools.



Thanks to an on-going cooperation of independent law firms with KPDA, we are able to ensure legal services based on competitive principles. Having the interest of our customers in mind, we always choose trustworthy and involved lawyers, and thanks to negotiated rebates and discounts we are able to warrant a really advantageous quality to price ratio in terms of legal services.