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If you look for an accounting firm that will mainly focus on useful aspect of accountancy and delivering the entrepreneur information on the company...

If you look for a partner with initiative and willing to search for better solutions in fiscal strategy, management accountancy or organisation of document and information flow for you, and, what is most important, who will not wait for your question to present you new ideas; if you look for a contractor with reasonable approach to price, observing ethical rules in business and respecting your time – KPDA will be your choice for years.


Accountancy that we understand as a standard of service is much more than just accountancy and keeping the accounting books. Irrespectively of the fact whether we provide service to a small company or a large enterprise, the following services are included in the price:

Keeping full integrated accounts pursuant to the Accountancy Act

Keeping integrated accounts is our specialty.
While providing the service we focus on Customer’s needs; therefore, books kept by us are useful tool for company management. Even the best and most accurately kept accounting books are useless if a Customer is not able to use information contained in the accounting books. Therefore we pay significant attention to reporting and controlling.

Tax statements, handling contacts with authorities

While entrusting your tax settlements with KPDA you may expect professional knowledge, courage in taking difficult decisions, reasonable consideration of risk and advantage and, most of all, responsibility for own decisions. Our ability to notice issues and problems our Customer has forgotten to mention is also extremely important.
Fiscal inspections, visits in Fiscal Office, signing letters, declarations and statements addressed to authorities are an unnecessary burden. When starting cooperation with KPDA you grant us a power of attorney for representing your company in offices and from that moment on we take care of these matters for you.



Reporting to GUS (Central Statistical Office), NBP (National Bank of Poland), PFRON (National Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled), KRS (National Court Register), and credit institutions

Reporting to various institutions is inseparably related to accountancy, some of which like numerous GUS reports, NBP currency settlements, Intrastaat statements for Customs Offices, PFRON statements for companies with over 25 employees and KRS where all organisational changes shall be notified, are most burdensome and time-consuming. It is not a closed circle of public institutions an entrepreneur has to remember about. Banks, credit institutions, leasing operators, insurers which require numerous reports and information shall be added to the above. KPDA will take care of handling all the cases of providing accounting, HR and payroll and organisational information.

Tax counselling and optimisation of fiscal strategy

By keeping the books we are close to Customer’s problems and we deeply understand its business, thus we are able to more efficiently discover potential fiscal threats and find more advantageous solution.
Determination to settle a tax dispute as we never give up any, even the smallest, case, patient, informative and accurate presentation of fiscal problems of our customer, mutual trust and sense of safety are appreciated most by the customers who have changed their accounting services outsourcer to KPDA.

Reporting of financial results

Do you need current information on financial standing of your company, would you like to control and compare costs and revenue on an on-going basis, do you want to have information on your company immediately available on-line? If your answer is yes – financial reports are important for you. KPDA aids it Customers with statements, reports, on-line controlling platform. We do not only prepare necessary information but also advice what is important and what shall be paid attention to.

Management of settlements

We make available to our Customers the Strateo settlement management system allowing remote access via internet browser to the receivables, liabilities and customers’ data. Strateo is an on-line application providing managerial dashboard allowing monitoring current state of company settlements and occurring changes, discovering threats in payment of receivables, customer evaluation. You have a full access to current and historical records of receivables and liabilities. You keep a clear register of all customer-related events. Strateo system gives you an insight into your settlements any time, on-line, without any need to contact your accounting firm.